Ahoy Mateys!!!

Arrrghhhh… Captain Tony from th' Pirate Ship Ilco/AD has gone mad 'n hid me loot in random Ilco transponder key bags t' be shipped round th' US 'n Canada. Ilco Coins valued at $50, $100, $500, 'n $1,000 are out thar. If ye find them, thar might be reward in it fer ye.

If ye buy Ilco transponder keys 'n yer crew finds one o' th' coins inside, redeem it at yer local Ilco distributor. Yer reward will be a credit on yer next Ilco/Advanced Diagnostics/Silca branded product purchase equal to th' value on th' coin. If ye find me coin worth $1,000, we might even let ye be thar when ole Cap'n Tony walks th' plank fer hidin' me loot.

Look fer ole cap'n Tony at upcomin' trade shows fer additional chances t' win me loot.

Th' Ilco Rewards Coins program will be valid thru April 2nd, 2019.

Thank ye fer buyin' Ilco transponder keys 'n helpin' find me loot!

Th' crew